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Following a fire, whatever the size or extent, cleanup is necessary to rid the home of smoke residue and damage. The smell itself is enough to make the home uninhabitable. If your home has suffered from smoke damage, call ARS for your cleanup and restoration needs. Through our 24 years of experience, we have established protocols and processes to deal with all kinds of smoke damage in homes, and we will beat any competitor’s estimates to secure your business.

Believe it or not, there are different kinds of smoke damage. Each involves a different method of cleaning. This is one of the many reasons ARS needs to be called in to assist in the cleanup efforts. Our specialized cleaning solutions are effective against smoke damage, and will make restoration of the home an easier process for everyone involved.

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Types of Smoke
· Wet smoke: Fires with low heat and smoldering are associated with this type of damage. Residue smears easily and is very sticky. The smell is especially pungent.
· Dry smoke: Often associated with very hot, fast-burning fires, dry smoke residue is not sticky or smeary. The particles left behind are small and powdery. Structural damage may be present.
· Protein-based smoke: This hard-to-see smoke is extremely pungent in odor. Indicators of its presence, besides the smell, are discolored varnishes and paint.
· Fuel-oil soot: Often expelled from home furnaces, this billowy, sooty smoke is difficult and dangerous to work with.

What to do Until ARS Arrives
· Turn off HVAC system.
· Open doors and windows.
· Throw away all food not sealed in airtight containers.
· Wash all clothes and drapes.
· If unsure of what to do with an item or area, just leave it until ARS arrives to advise you.

Call ARS for a free estimate of your property’s smoke damage. We will meet any other restoration company’s price in an apples-to-apples price comparison. If this is an emergency, you may contact us at any time, 24 hours a day and we will respond within 1 hour of your request. Our certified and trained technicians are qualified to assess and restore any smoke damage situation.

Feel confident that ARS can take care of all of your mold problems. We also offer services for water damage Fort Lauderdale if you ever have a flood; fire damage Fort Lauderdale if you should ever have a fire or need smoke damage Fort Lauderdale, we cover it all.

For reliable and honest 24-hour service, free estimates, and advice, call ARS.

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